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#Who Are You?

Nobody, Motionhouse’s upcoming theatre show, will premiere in autumn 2020. This incredible dance-circus will explore the different worlds we all inhabit; our inner world and the version of ourselves we present to others. And this is where we would love for you to be involved!

#WhoAreYou? is your platform to tell us about what makes you…you!

Think of a moment in time when you really felt like your true self. Then choose how you want to tell us about it: write it down, paint a picture, make a dance – it could be anything! Why not take a look at our guidelines for inspiration?

Then, upload your creation here on the #WhoAreYou? platform.  And here’s the exciting bit! Your creations will be viewed by our Artistic Director, Kevin Finnan, and our dancers to inspire them while they are making Nobody. So who knows! Some of your work may even make it into the show…

What are you waiting for?